I Forgot…

Who forgets when they’re supposed to spend time with their kids?
Carl does.
Caitlyn and Vivian are supposed to spend every other Saturday night and Sunday at Carl’s house.  Two weeks ago, he got some mysterious side job (btw, not sure how you can have a “side job” if you don’t have a job to begin with) that would keep him out late Saturday night.  I made it clear, via message in writing, that we weren’t switching weekends and his next overnight weekend would be 2/20.
Fast forward to yesterday.  I sent him a message to confirm this weekend.  He writes back: “This isn’t my weekend is it? Denise’s birthday is Saturday and we were planning to go out.”
So I sent him a screen shot of when we talked about this two weeks ago, the last time he gave up his weekend with them.
“we are off schedual now I have plans this sat I cant cancel they can come over sunday
Wait, what now?  Are you really telling me that you forgot that you were supposed to spend time with your kids this weekend, and now you’re choosing your stripper girlfriend over them?  Seriously?
So Carl – “We” are not off schedule.  YOU cancelled plans with your kids not once but twice.  How do you think that makes them feel?  Not to mention that YOUR actions have thrown off the schedule I’ve tried to keep the girls on, so that they have a routine that they can somewhat depend on.  And I make plans for the times that you’re supposed to have the girls too – I cancelled dinner plans two weeks ago, and now I have to cancel plans again.  You do know that as per our separation and divorce agreement, you have to reimburse me for childcare expenses that I incur as a result of you cancelling scheduled visitation, right?  Oh yeah, except you don’t work so you don’t have any money to pay me.  But you said that those non-cancellable plans you made are already paid for.  I’m confused.
LogicAnd now, Carl is looking for a babysitter for his spawn for Saturday night.  So he can go on the Noncancellable, Pre-Paid Birthday Extravaganza.  It’s Thursday.  Perhaps Carl needs to learn better planning skills.

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