Tattoos and Piercings

It’s been awhile since I last wrote.  Some stuff has transpired, both in regards to the Epic Saga of Carl and in my life in general.  I’ll try to catch you up as time permits, but first things first, here’s the background you need:
Carl and Denise are no longer in their house.  I assume they got kicked out for not paying the rent, but he won’t actually tell me, because it’s none of my business.  They and their spawn and the dog moved into a teeny apartment in his aunt’s basement, where he went when he first moved out of my house.  Carl’s recent Facebook posts have included things like:
I am trying to make something happen, I have applied for almost 200 jobs and not 1call back. Does anyone know how to prepare a good resume? My resume looks like crap I think and I have no idea what to put into a cover letter. My second question is when I do find a job, can I work something out with someone for rides to and from work till I get my van back on the road when I get my taxes back? Something has to give soon. Very very soon.  [This one had an awesome response to it.  It was great.]
Looking to go out for my birthday tomorrow night. Would anyone be able to babysit for the night? Please message me if you might be able to help. [Before he edited it, this included the timeframe of 7pm-4am.]
and many, many requests for babysitters.
Tonight, Blondie tells me that dad is getting his lip pierced.
Um wait, what now?
You have no job, beg for rides and babysitters and jobs, yet you have the money to go get your lip pierced?  Not to mention that facial piercings are generally not helpful in finding a job.  So I asked him.  His response? Something to the tune of “Yeah so, and I’m getting a new tattoo. But not until after I get a job.  I have an interview tomorrow.”
Sometimes all you can do is shake your head…
tats and pericingsNot quite, but you know what I mean…


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